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The 2016 salary report, North Country tourism, prepping for epidemics and more. Purchase your copy or subscribe to BNH today.


Breakfast With The Best
October 27, 2016
7:30 am - 10:30 am
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More people looking for work are employed but feel stuck. Learn more here

Many salespeople are confronted with this challenge, "Sell Me This Pen," when applying for a job. Here's your best answer

Made in NH exhibitor Port City Pretzel of Portsmouth wins Southern NH University business competition. Get the deets here.

BNH's Annual Resource Directory is a compendium of fascinating fact about the state of business, people, jobs and state government. Not a subscriber? Pre-order your copy today. (Ships July 5th.)

Every Monday, BNH brings you who's doing what in NH. Find out what the buzz is all about in this week's The Buzz Online.

Optiv Security acquires Portsmouth's Adaptive Communications. Find out what this means for the two IT firms.

Find out what's up with North Country tourism in this week's BNH Minute with Editor Matt Mowry. Click here. Not a subscriber? Get your copy here.

Strong Teams, Growing Companies

Vested for Growth Business Champion: Moonlight Meadery

Nothing less than delight will do. Read the story here.

Future Low-Income Housing Must be Smoke Free

New Hampshire one of five states with ban.

2016 Business of the Year: Foy Insurance Group

This firm and the family the family that run it are good corporate citizens.

The Buzz Online

A look at who and what is in the spotlight in NH.

More Workers Looking for Work Are Employed

But they are sick of being "stuck."

Paycheck or Purpose? What Drives Millennials?

Millennials have money to cover their needs, not their wants

Latest Telecommuting Statistics

75 percent of those that work from home make $65,000 annually.

Leadership Minute

How to speak passionately without getting emotional.

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