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And Then There Were Five....
Published Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The NH High Technology Council 2012 Product of the Year judges selected five companies as finalists for top honors for the 2012 Product of the Year (POY) for their technology-related products or services. These five companies will receive the POY Judges Award at the November 13 event and will make their final pitch for top honors in front of a large audience at the 7th annual Product of the Year event.

Judge’s Award Winners and finalists for 2012 are Airmar, Dynamic Benchmarking, Itaconix, Medtronic Advanced Energy, and Therma-HEXX.

At this unique event, each of the finalists will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate their product during the reception, and will make a seven-minute live pitch to the audience. After the pitches, the winner will be selected based on both the audience and the judge’s evaluation. The event structure has been altered for 2012 to speed up the pace and add more excitement, but still features great networking opportunities with hundreds of business leaders from across the state.

The POY event will be held at SERESC in Bedford, NH on Tuesday Nov. 13th beginning at 5:30. Tickets are $85, $55 for NHHTC members. Online registration is available at nhhtc.org/nhhtc-events/product-of-the-year/.

Following is a brief description of each product:

Airmar Technology Corporation designs and manufactures of ultrasonic sensor technology for marine and industrial applications. In February, Airmar launched a new product line that featured the 150WX WeatherStation Instrument. The 150WX ultrasonic wind instrument uses a unique combination of sensors that enables the 150WX to calculate true wind speed and direction, even when mounted on a moving vehicle. Additional features of this product include apparent wind speed and angle, true wind speed and direction, compass heading, GPS, pitch and roll, air temperature, wind chill temperature, dew point temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity. The 150WX provides all this functionality in a product that is smaller than a can of soda and is the most capable instrument of its kind on the world market. The UV stabilized housing is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals and sunlight making it the most reliable ultrasonic wind sensor for demanding environmental conditions. Growing markets for this diverse product include, but are not limited to: marine vessels, autonomous vehicles, agricultural sprayers, bridge and highway road conditions monitoring, wind turbines, airports, meteorology, military, and utility towers.

Dynamic Benchmarking utilizes the latest cloud-based technology in developing a web-based benchmarking platform that is configurable, scalable and uniquely positioned to help businesses of all types. Stack-Up is a web-based platform that collects information and delivers comparison results in one easy to use solution. Stack-Up helps members benchmark their information and gain immediate insight while valuable data is collected on topics such as finances, operation, compensation and benefits, procedures and best practices. Stack-Up provides a software platform that is uniquely configured for each client, but does not require custom software development. Each client receives a fully branded implementation that includes unlimited questions, an interactive set of filters for drilling down into the data, dynamically generated PowerPoint reports and access to sophisticated, administration and usage reports.

Itaconix Corporation was founded in 2008 by Yvon Burant and John Shaw and is a next-generation performance polymer company. Their proprietary technology platform for polymers of itaconic acid combines novel chemical synthesis with industrial biotechnology to convert renewable feedstocks (like corn) into performance polymers. Their first commercial polymer- Itaconix DSP 2K is sold to consumer and industrial detergent formulators as an effective builder to replace phosphates, EDTA, citric acid and petroleum-based chemicals. Itaconix 2K is revolutionizing detergent formulations based on two unique qualities relative to existing builders: DSP 2K has higher capacity per gram than any other builder to bind metal ions, such as calcium, which cause water hardness and impair cleaning; and DSP 2K is made from 100 percent renewable carbon. The combination of these features and functions is allowing leading standard and green detergent brands to launch new phosphate-free products that satisfy consumer desires for performance equal to their old phosphate detergents.

Medtronic Advanced Energy, LLC produces a wide variety of advanced energy medical devices. Medtronic received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Aquamantys SBS 5.0 Sheathed Bipolar Sealer, a new addition to the spine portfolio of the company’s Advanced Energy business. The SBS 5.0 Sheathed Bipolar Sealer gives spine surgeons the ability to optimize speed and continuity in surgical cases by providing hemostatic sealing capabilities for both incised soft tissue (e.g., cut muscle) and epidural veins with a single device. The SBS 5.0 uses Transcollation technology, which is a combination of radiofrequency energy and saline that has been shown to reduce blood loss and improve visualization when used during spine procedures A novel feature of the SBS 5.0 is it’s movable sheath, conveniently allowing the device to be used to seal both broad tissue plains and tissue directly adjacent to sensitive tissue, such as nerves. This is the first product on the market that can conduct both procedures safely using one device.

Therma-HEXX is a Portsmouth-based startup that manufactures high efficiency heat exchange products. This company features two products: Therma-PAVER, a modular, aluminum or plastic heat exchange panel for use beneath pedestal or ground mounted pavers or stones; and Therma-CEILING is a highly efficient radiant heating /cooling system for use in suspended ceiling systems, which utilizes the same modular heat exchange component, technology, and IP as Therma-PAVER. Heat transfer efficiency comes from distributing a small amount of turbulating fluid in a fractal flow pattern across a relatively large area for a quick and efficient heat transfer in both directions reducing operating costs. Therma-PAVER is the only product on the market that can heat or cool pedestal mounted pavers and Therma-CEILING is revolutionary when compared to forced air heating/cooling systems.

Judges for this event include leading entrepreneurs and successful investors and technology experts. This year’s panel included Jeff Pollock, Chris Hawekotte, Dave Todaro, Ali Rafieymehr, and Roxanne Monk.

The event is one of few that features audience participation, as the entire audience casts their vote for their top product after the presentations are made. The audience vote counts towards 50 percent of the final tabulation and the initial judge's vote counts for the remaining 50 percent. The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the event and be recognized on the prestigious Product of the Year crystal trophy, which was designed for the Council by Pepi Herrmann. The trophy is on display at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Companies that have won the Product of the Year award over the past six years were Nanocomp Technologies, UltraVision, Insight Tech Gear, Holase, Incorporated, Sky-Skan, and Foss Manufacturing. Major event sponsors include Dyn,Inc, FairPoint, Nancomp Technologies, Cook, Little, Rosenblatt & Manson PLLC, Hanover Insurance Group, Public Service New Hampshire, Sadler Insurance Agency, and New England Investment and Retirement. For more information and to register, go to www.nhhtc.org.


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