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Portsmouth-Based Therma-HEXX Receives Patent
Published Friday, March 13, 2015

Therma-HEXX Corporation in Portsmouth has received a patent for its modular, fluid thermal transfer device that was invented by the company’s CEO Robert Barmore. Through 16 separate claims, the patent highlights how the device is used to collect solar energy when placed on balconies, terraces, low sloping roofs, plazas, sidewalks, patios, roof top patios and pool patios. The collected energy can be used to heat domestic water, pool water and stored energy for future heating.

Barmore’s innovation was inspired when working as an architectural designer and custom homebuilder in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Many custom homes there have traditional PEX tubing systems embedded in poured concrete under outdoor patios and is used to melt snow in the winter.

“Seeing poured in place concrete slabs fail prematurely as a result of thermal shock and uneven heating from traditional high temperature PEX based systems, we switched to high density concrete pedestal paver systems for the rooftop patios. The problem was there wasn’t a solution for snow-melting, nor was there a solution for cooling the pavers in the hot summers. That’s why I created our patented invention that we call ThermaPANELTM,” Barmore said.   

Barmore states that while going through the development for snow melting, he quickly realized that his invention could be used for solar collecting as well. The same concrete based patios were nothing but big, very hot solar collectors in the summer. The invention will collect this energy and cool the patio down to a comfortable level while doing it. Today, Therma-HEXX's manufacturing facility in Portsmouth can produce over 100,000 units per year with additional room for growth.

To learn more, visit www.therma-hexx.com.

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