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The Fast Five: National Field Representatives Inc.
Published Friday, February 17, 2017

Three-year Average Growth: 34.2%
Rank on Private 100: 22
Headquarters: 136 Maple Ave., Claremont
Product/Service: Field services for the mortgage default servicing industry including property inspections and preservation, vacant property registrations, business verification inspections and insurance loss draft inspections.
President: Steve Cossingham
Founded: 1989
Total Number of Employees: 240
Website: NFROnline.com

Steve Cossingham, president. Photo by Matthew J. Mowry.

When Steve Cossingham ran across an ad for the sale of a mortgage services company in the classifieds, he saw an opportunity.

The company had four employees and was doing 400 property inspections per month when he purchased it.

Today, National Field Representatives (NFR) has grown to 250 employees (200 in Claremont and 50 in Florida) and conducts 150,000 inspections per month across the country through its national network of 3,000 pre-screened, pre-qualified contractors.

NFR works with more than 100 mortgage companies that hire his company to conduct inspections to see whether foreclosed properties are occupied and being maintained.

“After the 2008 financial crisis, so many properties were abandoned and not maintained, and it blighted neighborhoods,” Cossingham says.

The financial crisis proved to be a boon. NFR conducted 200,000 inspections a month during the height of the recession.  As business grew, so did NFR’s footprint to three locations in Claremont. In November, the company broke ground on a $5.5 million addition to its main facility in order to consolidate Claremont operations in one facility to be more efficient. The project will increase the footprint of NFR’s headquarters from 14,500 square feet to 35,000.

The housing market has since stabilized, and Cossingham does not anticipate revenue to grow this year. “While the pie will get smaller, we will get a bigger piece of it,” he says, noting NFR will achieve that through its reputation for high quality reports for clients and quick turnaround. “There will always be a demand, and we are there to service it.”

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