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NH's New Leadership: William Rider, CEO
Published Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Throughout 2017, Business NH Magazine will highlight the dramatic changes in NH's leadership since 2015 by profiling leaders in new positions.

William Rider has continued to foster growth at the state’s largest outpatient provider of mental health care services, even while grappling with such daunting challenges as the opioid epidemic and staff shortages.

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester not only serves some 11,000 individuals annually but boasts a research department that focuses on modern evidence-based treatments and on training the workforce of tomorrow. It offers consultation and education workshops on such issues as reversing the stigma surrounding mental illness and on recognizing the signs of distress. It recently launched a new mobile crisis response team.

But the center faces numerous challenges, according to Rider, who was named president and CEO in February 2015. Chief among them is underfunding by the state, especially since 2006, and “the ever-increasing administrative load” put on providers. The center has also seen many qualified employees move elsewhere, resulting in shortages of social workers, mental health counselors, psychiatric social workers and psychiatrists. In response, the center started a telemedicine program, allowing staff members who moved elsewhere to continue to serve longtime clients via secure technology. Rider has also built on the legacy of retired president Peter Janelle who, over 15 years, took the organization from a net operating loss to net assets of $11 million, now $13.3 million under Rider.

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