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Perks that Work
Published Thursday, October 12, 2017

While a great benefits package alone is not enough to attract and retain great employees, they are tools companies have to express aspects of their culture. They indicate priorities companies have when it comes to taking care of their employees. We broke down the benefits offered by this year’s 19 winning companies and the four Hall of Fame companies. How does your company stack up?

While all the companies offer seven or more paid holidays, 52% offer 10 or more paid holidays annually.

96% have employee committees that plan fun activities for coworkers.

91% offer dental plans, and 28% pay the full premium.

91% offer bonus programs.

91% offer free or discounted tickets to entertainment and sporting events.

91% have employee committees plan wellness initiatives.

87% invite employees’ family members to company events.

83% offer flexible schedules.

83% provide onsite flu shots.

83% give employees gift cards as rewards.

83% let employees direct the company’s charitable giving.

78% offer lactation rooms for new mothers.

74% have onsite showers for employees.

74% pay bonuses for new employee referrals.

74% practice open book management.

70% subsidize gym memberships.

65% provide benefits to part-time workers.

65% thank employees for a job well done with additional days off.

65% use eight or more methods of communicating with employees, including: meetings, focus groups, intranet sites, emails, newsletters, bulletin boards, suggestion boxes, messaging on televisions and employee engagement surveys.

65% offer onsite exercise programs.

65% roll all time off into one PTO package.

61% have employee committees that provide input on being environmentally sustainable.

At 56% of these companies, the maximum time off employees can earn between vacation days, sick days, holidays or PTO packages is 40 or more days.

52% have onsite fitness centers.

52% allow employees to bring their children to work.

52% offer paid paternity leave while 87% offer paid maternity leave.

48% reward employees with electronics.

43% offer profit sharing.

43% offer onsite weight loss programs.

At 39% of these companies, employees have the ability to take least 30 days off by the first year of employment between vacation days, sick days, holidays or PTO packages, while 78% offer a minimum of 25 days.  

35% offer at least 16 hours of paid time off annually to volunteer while 65% offer at least eight hours.

35% provide vision insurance.

26% offer employer-sponsored eldercare assistance.

26% offer employees stock options.

22% reward employees with trips.

22% offer adoption assistance.

17% pay 100% of health care premiums for employees, 26% pay 90% or more and 78% pay 80% or more of the premiums.

10% provide or subsidize childcare.

Only 9% have a no-lay-off policy.

8.7% offer unlimited time off.

Source: Business NH Magazine survey

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