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Survey Finds Green is the New Red for Valentine’s Day
Published Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This Valentine’s Day, put down the phone, pull on your boots and head outdoors (or hop in a ride share) as it just may increase your chances of finding your bae. Stratham-based Timberland surveyed 1,000 men and women in the U.S. to understand the importance of being eco-conscious in finding true love. The results speak for themselves—green is the new red for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few highlights from the survey, as well as some tips to improve your love connection::

• Save Water, Share a Shower. Top green behaviors Americans find attractive include keeping an eco-conscious home by conserving water, tending a garden or turning off lights when not in use (46 percent); and considering the environmental impact of the products they buy (33 percent).

• Don’t Overlook the Eco-Fashionistas in Your Life. One-in-five Americans say they would like to receive stylish shoes or clothing made from recycled materials (20 percent) or lingerie made from organic cotton (19 percent) as a gift from their significant other.

• Volunteer Your Way into their Heart. Now, more than ever, making a difference in your community could also make a difference in your love life. Americans are 37 percent more likely today than in 2012 to say volunteering for environmental causes makes a person attractive (26 percent vs. 19 percent). This is especially true of women, who are 36 percent more likely than men to want to meet someone in this fashion (42 percent vs. 31 percent).

• Grab a Lift. Simple, everyday green behaviors could win over that special person’s heart. Roughly one-in-10 Americans say they’d like to meet someone during a ride share, but it’s probably not the best choice for a first date. One-in-five say they may not consider a second date if they were picked up in a ride share.

• Love is in the Fresh Air. If you find yourself unlucky in love, you might consider heading outdoors. Nearly three-fifths of people surveyed say they would want to meet someone while enjoying outdoor leisure activities and 59 percent say they are attracted to people who spend time outdoors.

• Stand Up for the Planet. You might even find the love of your life while you’re advocating for the planet. One-in-10 men and nearly as many women say they’d like to meet someone at an activist event like a protest or boycott.

• Most Eligible Eco-lebrity. When it comes to the most datable eco-conscious celebrities, Leonardo DiCaprio (19 percent), Emma Watson (18 percent), Adam Levine (17percent) and Miley Cyrus (10 percent) top the list.

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