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Wireless Service Expands in Coos County
Published Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sprint customers in Coos County now have access to 4G LTE data roaming service through a network built and operated by Great North Woods Wireless, headquartered in Portsmouth with offices in Concord and Groveton. The network will also allow county residents and businesses to access fixed wireless service.

Wireless Partners launched the Coos County 4G LTE network in December 2016 as a Verizon Wireless LRA network partner. The company has since activated an additional tower in Stratford, increasing the network’s coverage and service. Ultimately, the company plans to expand the network to include over 16 towers providing 4G LTE cell service.

The network’s roaming component is provided through the installation of LTE architecture from ExteNet Systems in Illinois. “The mNET LTE solution architecture is mutually beneficial to the consumer and the network operator,” says Jason Osborne, vice president of business development at ExteNet. “It not only makes both data and voice roaming possible for the consumer, but provides operational flexibility to the network operator.”

TCC Networks in Massachusetts is also offering fixed wireless Skywire LTE service to the area via the same network. The cost to install the infrastructure required to bring high-speed internet access to underserved, sparsely populated areas has been a prohibiting factor. TCC Networks’ fixed wireless Skywire LTE service uses extra band capacity on the Coos County network to expand high-speed internet coverage.

“The addition of Skywire LTE fixed wireless to our current TCC Skywire wireless broadband services significantly increases our coverage area in greater Coos County,” says Donald Dawson, president of TCC Networks.

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