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What is NH?
Published Friday, December 22, 2017

For the first time, the nonprofit think tank NH Center for Public Policy Studies has produced its signature research summary, What is New Hampshire? as an interactive online reference and discussion forum.

What is New Hampshire? was created to help raise the level of public debate in the Granite State through the dissemination of objective information about who we are as a state.

The Center has produced an annual print version of the report for several years. It has been used widely by Leadership New Hampshire classes and other local leadership programs throughout the state.

This year the Center is launching to present in a different way the top issues the report outlines

“Our goal has always been to paint a clear picture of where New Hampshire has been, where it is today, and where it might be heading in the future,” says Center economist Greg Bird.

“On we’ve curated some of our most interesting charts and graphs, and provided a bit of explanatory text on issues ranging from the state economy to how New Hampshire funds its education system,” Bird says.

“The exciting thing is that we’ve included a moderated comment feature on the website so readers can ask questions, offer their own perspective or even present an opposing viewpoint,” he adds.

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies is an independent, nonprofit, non-partisan organization that pursues data-driven research on public policy. Its work includes research on the state budget, economy, public school funding and health care finance.

The new website is both mobile and desktop responsive. Free PDFs of individual What is New Hampshire? 2018 print chapters and the full report are downloadable from the website.

Take the 5-question What is New Hampshire? quiz

1. Where does New Hampshire rank nationally in the percentage of its college-bound high school seniors who enroll in college out-of-state? Click here for the answer.

2. Which industries contribute the most to the New Hampshire economy in wages paid: retail, finance or health care? Click here for the answer.

3. Which part of the state has the overall youngest population: the Seacoast or the Monadnock region? Click here for the answer.

4. In which part of the state do residents earn on average the highest weekly wages and schools have the lowest percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch: Greater Nashua, Greater Manchester, or Greater Concord? Click here for the answer.

5. Which priority area of the state budget gets the largest share of state funding: education or health and human services? Click here for the answer.

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