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NHs Veteran Owned Businesses: ArgenTech
Published Friday, January 12, 2018

Business NH Magazine invited companies across the state to participate in a survey of NH’s Veteran-Owned Businesses. While the inaugural list is modest with 36 businesses reporting their revenue for ranking, it is packed with firms that are succeeding in industries ranging from a car dealership to manufacturers and tech companies. We have profiled five intriguing companies from the list. Here is one of the profiles:

ArgenTech Solutions

Keith Haney, chairman and CEO of ArgenTech, left, and Robert Meyer, president, right, receiving the Patriot Award from Sgt. Isaiah Hanley, center. Courtesy photo.

During his 25-year naval career, Keith Haney would see duty aboard surface ships and nuclear submarines and even a stint as the operations officer at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. But it was his time at the Office of Naval Research that inspired him and some of his business partners to form ArgenTech Solutions in Newmarket.

ArgenTech embeds contractors with U.S. troops and military units with NATO allies and other countries to teach them how to use unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs (more commonly known as drones). UAVs gather intelligence, perform reconnaissance and collect data to aid in various missions. Haney says the demand for these services, already well established during his time with the Office of Naval

Research, continues to grow at home and abroad in what he says is a $7.98 billion industry.

Boeing and Insitu provide the unmanned aerial systems needed to operate the UAVs, and ArgenTech is one of many private sector subcontractors that work with these two companies on Department of Defense contracts. ArgenTech employs 65, many of whom are military veterans. Haney’s daughter is a partner and an Air Force veteran who attended the Air Force  Academy. Two other partners are also Navy veterans, and another is a South African Army veteran. ArgenTech Solutions has offices in Bogota, Colombia; Vancouver, Washington and Johannesburg, South Africa. “We are getting ready to do work in Ukraine,” Haney adds.

ArgenTech also provides technical services for UAS (unmanned aerial systems) technical services to aid the private sector in monitoring natural gas pipelines and disasters. As the Federal Aviation Administration moves closer to adopting a set of regulations to govern UAS at home, Haney says the sky’s the limit for the company’s future growth. “In the U.S., you can fly up to 400 feet within a visual line of sight. But in other countries, you can go as high as you can go within the range of radio signal or satellite,” he says. When the U.S. catches up with the rest of the world, the UAS and UAV market could easily exceed the foreign markets.

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