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Business of the Year 2018
May 17, 2018
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
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40% of Business NH Magazine readers work at companies with annual gross sales of more than $10 Million.
Why target Business NH Magazine readers? Because they are Influential, Involved and Affluent.

Their companies
37% Work at companies with more than 100 employees
14% Work at companies with more than 1,000 employees
16% Work at companies with annual gross sales of more than $100 Million
40% Work at companies with annual gross sales of more than $10 Million
What they buy at work
62% Plan to purchase computer hardware or software in the next 12 months
60% Influence the purchase of staffing services
55% Plan to purchase office equipment in the next 12 months
52% Influence the purchase of printing services
49% Influence the purchase of banking services
47% Influence the purchase of accounting sevices
42% Plan to move or expand their office facilities in the next three years
39% Influence the rental of banquet and meeting rooms
33% Influence the purchase of non-telecom utilities
31% Plan to purchase landline, wireless or Internet services
28% Say they or a member of their family will acquire a new vehicle in the next 12 months
At work… What they do
82% Top executives or managers for their companies
40% President or CEO of their organization
23% Director or vice president of their firm
19% Define themselves as managers
At home… What they do
88% Contribute to a nonprofit
76% Attend the theater and concerts
76% Attend sporting events
72% Visit hotels and resorts
71% Attend continuing education classes
60% Visit museums
53% Go boating
52% Dine out one to three times per week
48% Attend political events
43% Golf
40% Ski
30% Dine out four or more times per week
29% Own a second home
Their income
1.4% Millionaires
12% Incomes in excess of $250,000
62% Incomes in excess of $100,000