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January 2015

BNH unveils the award-winning cultures cultivated by the Best Companies To Work For in NH. Purchase your copy or begin the year with a subscription to BNH today.


2015 Breakfast with the Best
February 11 - March 31, 2015
7:30 am - 10:00 am
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Are you in the restaurant industry? Then you may want to advertise in BNH. Fully 53 percent of our readers dine out one to three times per week! Call your account executive today.

Here's something that may give you pause. BNH readership results are in and it turns out 10 percent of our readers still carry student debt.

Despite industry changes, energy questions linger. Writer Rebecca Mahoney takes a look at the changes in NH's energy market and the challenges and opportunities for the future. Click here for the story.

Chris Williams was named one of 25 Leaders for the Future by BNH in 2009. He continues to wow us as president and CEO of the Nashua Chamber. Read what he's up to now.

Employers with the best of intentions for their workplace somtimes run afoul of the law. Read the story here.

Strong Teams, Growing Companies

Vested for Growth Business Champion: Felton Brush

Felton Inc. has experienced many milestones since its establishment in 1852. Read more.

25 Leaders for the Future Revisited

Nick Soggu

New Product Promises To Level The Playing Field

Small businesses may be able to get the same kinds of research big biz depends on.

25 Leaders for the Future Revisited

Bob Blaisdell

Financial Mistakes That Can Haunt Your Family After Your Life Is Over

Planning can help you avoid pitfalls.

25 Leaders for the Future Revisited

Kenneth Viscarello

Real Estate's 30-Year Roller Coaster Ride

New Hampshire’s real estate market has been a wild ride.

After the Cameras Roll
by Erika Cohen, Matthew J. Mowry and Taylor Thomas

What does Reality TV mean for NH businesses?

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