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In this issue, BNH features the Top 100 Private Companies. Meet some of the fastest growing companies on the list, like McClellan Automation. Order your copy or subscribe to BNH today.


Employment Leadership Awards
October 16, 2014
8:15 am - 11:45 am
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Alex Ray, CEO of The Common Man Family of Restaurants, helps out for Family Service Day, a for-profit that helps companies help families in need. To learn more, click here.

This voiceover artist from Manchester began his career in 2007 after working in the radio industry for 35 years. Learn more here.

This Million Dollar Business Coach Tells People How to Take Their Game to the Next Level. She recommends focusing on what you know not what you do. Read more.

In an effort to create a gateway for a creative culture, president & CEO of GYK Antler purchases iconic R.G. Sullivan Cigar Factory building on Canal Street. Read the story here.

It's the beginning of fall but some senior managers may be riddled with regret. Read why.

Think the guy in your London office is a slugabed? It turns out he thinks you're lazy too. Editor Matt Mowry writes about managing remote teams to avoid misconceptions.

Strong Teams, Growing Companies

Vested for Growth Business Champion: Blake's All Natural Foods

This national food company has come a long way from its origins as a supplier of holiday turkeys for NH families. Read about their growth here.

JC Haze Manchester Voiceover Artist

Who does that?

A Virtual Cultural Exploration

250 icons on a new map of NH’s cultural treasures.

SmartATI Secures $3 Million in New Contracts

Woman-led company continues its growth upwards.

Getting the Most From A Financial Planner

Starting with a strong bond.

5 Cs for Building a Successful Business

The number of new businesses launching has grown each year since hitting a low in 2009.

Rocket Scientist Turned Car Dealer

Celebrating 40th anniversary of international autos.

BNH Seeks the Business Leader and Businesses of the Year

Is your business a leader in your industry?

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